Man says stay-at-home mums are ‘lazy gold-diggers’ who should ‘get a real job’

Cooking, cleaning, doing the school run, helping with homework and running errands are just a few tasks stay-at-home mums have to do on a daily basis – and let’s not talk about the washing pile that needs to be sorted.

But a man, known only as Jonathan, believes stay-at-home mums are “lazy”.

After coming across the ‘Stay At-Home Mum’ page on Facebook, he decided to give the admin a piece of his mind, reports Daily Star – and he didn’t hold back.

He fumed: “This encourages females not to be in the workplace and to rely on men. No I’m not a feminist.

“I just think women shouldn’t be lazy. Men take care of kids and work a full-time job. Why shouldn’t the females bring in half their weight as well?”

He added: “Being with a man so he can work hard and give all his money to you, while you stay home with the kids is not a ‘job’ and not okay.”

Labelling stay-at-home mums “gold-diggers”, he concluded: “Taking advantage of someone and treating a man like a bank is not okay.”

The admin shared a screenshot of the conversation with members of the group, who were unsurprisingly fuming.

One person said: “Let’s talk about childcare, Jonathan. In my state, it is $600 (£325) per child. At least. I homeschool SEVEN children. I am saving us $4,200 (£2275) a month by staying at home and freeloading off of my husband.”

Another added: “You’ll often find gold diggers don’t have kids or if they do they have full-time carers for the kids while they enjoy their husband’s money.

“I would much rather work than be a stay home mum,” a third wrote. “Even though I still do a majority of raising our kids, and the cooking and cleaning.”