Restaurant owners hit back at negative customer reviews with brutal rebuttals

It’s normally disgruntled customers who leave negative online reviews when dissatisfied with a product.

But on one hilarious Instagram account, the tables have been turned on them, with restaurant and takeaway owners fighting back.

Takeaway Trauma, which boasts more than 119,000 followers, displays a collection of amusing responses from restaurant and takeaway staff fed up of their food or service being slated.

One desert shop owner hysterically hits back at a customer for moaning about a dessert – which isn’t on his menu at all, reports

Giving the shop a one-star rating, the customer whines: ‘I ordered triple velvet cookie dough and it came as a cookie dough and then the triple velvet cake shopped up on top…Like what the hell!’

The owner responds: ‘We believe you had a bad day or something else wrong with you as we do not have triple velvet cookie dough on our menu.’

The amusing account showcases screenshots from UK-based customers on review sites such as TripAdvisor and JustEat, including the boldest responses from staff.

Another reviewer called Harry claims his food was too cold – despite the fact that he’d ordered a milkshake and cheesecake.

The Milkshake City hits back with: ‘I do apologise that I didn’t boil your milkshake for you.’

It’s clear from the review responses that some restauranteurs take things a little too personally, however.

One curry house owner launches into a long rant after a customer leaves a one-star review, stating: ‘I am shocked that you left 1 star review. I am certainly sure 5 of you enjoyed all the starters and duck and another 8 dishes…

‘You had a chance to speak to our staff but you didn’t, only I came to you to check everything ok with you all, you told me the chicken curry under your requirement which I straight away to offer you replacement.’

The annoyed respondent ended his comment by saying, ‘enjoy the rest of your life.’