1. We agree to the triple-bottom-line principles of social, economic and environmental responsibility. Learn more in our Triple-Bottom-Line Statement.
  2. We agree to participate in a crowdsourced placemaking program where Renaissance Downtowns will involve the future residents, tenants and committed patrons of this new community to provide you with a triple-bottom-line downtown destination upholding the residential, commercial and cultural values you desire, in exchange for your providing a commitment to Renaissance Downtowns to support the project if those values are indeed significantly invested in and met. Learn more in our Crowdsourced Placemaking Agreement.
  3. The purpose of this site is for community members to post positive ideas (i.e. shops, amenities, uses) that can be built in a revitalized downtown.
  4. We will not tolerate discrimination or hostility of any kind.
  5. By registering on this site you have the opportunity to become an agent of change for your community by participating in this online community with the intent of increasing sense of community within the physical environment.
  6. This process is designed to ensure that the resulting effects of crowdsourced placemaking provide significant positive net benefits to the community. One effect of this crowdsourced placemaking process is the development of new initiatives both for-profit and not-for-profit to begin within the community. The intent of this site is not to overlook the current successful organizations and places within the community, but to strengthen them. Community members are encouraged to share resources within the community to prevent overlapping services, or disparate efforts. The intent of this site is to promote positive change at the community level, and we acknowledge the potential for this to impact smaller neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, churches, families, etc.
  7. You understand that the data surmised through voting will be utilized by Renaissance Downtowns and their affiliated partners to build a product that is the best representation possible of the community's desires, contingent upon market demand ('likes') and feasibility. While Renaissance and their development partners hope to implement the ideas proposed and discussed by the community on this site, they are not responsible for any specific requests of the community. No idea will be disregarded without empirical grounding.
  8. There is an understanding of mutual respect among community members, as internet bullying or conflict will not be tolerated. No harassment of any kind, sexual, confrontation, or otherwise, will be tolerated. Any perception of detrimental behavior toward community members automatically triggers a warning from website administrators, who also reserve the right to delete/remove obscene or offensive posts. If divisive behavior ensues, the user acknowledges their account may be suspended, deleted, or their rights to use the website revoked altogether.
  9. Members will not upload, post, publish, distribute, or disseminate any written word, photo, video, or other material that can be deemed inappropriate, profane, obscene or vulgar. All content will be monitored by Community Liaisons and may be deleted if any of the above mentioned material violates these terms. Using this site for any other purposes besides the project matter at hand will result in disciplinary action. Advertisements for local organizations, companies, or events can only be posted in the appropriate tabs. If they are found in any section of this site that is deemed inappropriate they will be deleted without notification.
  10. You will not reproduce copyrighted content on nrfuture.com without proper permission from the owner/authorizer. Reproduction of any content on this site must receive the express written consent of site administrators. The ideas expressed are solely for the purpose of creating a downtown area that represents the desires of residents, business owners, and stakeholders. Once you post a comment, image or video, Renaissance Downtowns has the right to use it to help promote crowdsourced placemaking in other communities as well as the development process in your community.
  11. The disclosure of any personal information will only be used for crowdsourced placemaking and will not be given to any third parties.
  12. The website is administered by CSPM Group and is intended for stakeholders; defined as those that live, lived, work, or worked within one hour of New Rochelle. Exceptions are for those who are experts in particular fields related to crowdsourced placemaking and the community. Website functionality for such experts will be limited. This site is not directed to children younger than 13 and is offered only to users 13 years of age or older. We hope to make this website available with equal access to all community members. If you identify a portion of the community which is not being reached you are encouraged to make that clear to the Community Liaison working in your community.
  13. As of July 16, 2015: The email associated with a member registration must be that of the member being registered, and it must be a valid email. If a person does not have an email address or refuses to provide one, they can still register if they fully complete a paper survey in their handwriting, stating a reason why they didn't provide an email address, and have that handed into the NR Future office.
  14. Renaissance Downtowns has the right to terminate memberships if violations to the above terms are identified.
  15. All information provided during registration (or thereafter listed on your profile) must be truthful and accurate.