Strøget is a highly popular carfree zone in the city center of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe (two-thirds of a mile).

Strøget was Denmark's first pedestrian street dating from 1962, and one of the world's first completed purpose-built walking streets, credited for inspiring many of today's successful pedestrian malls.
What it lacks in local independent businesses, since the area has become a tourist attraction and thus hosts many chain stores, it makes up for in terms of providing an urban destination for cultural entertainment and some of the best people watching anywhere.

In 1967, when Copenhagen celebrated its 800th anniversary Strøget helped set a world record. Along the entire length of the street a coffee table was set up twisting itself through the various streets and squares. This table is the longest coffee table ever erected, and the city's residents and tourists were invited to celebrate the city’s birthday with coffee and rolls.

Is it any coincidence that the Danish surveyed as the happiest people in the world?

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