The most memorable cities are the ones that are the most pedestrian friendly with a public transportation system tying the residential areas, the trendy areas and the city centers together. In a city of 70,000+, the current bus service is inadequate insofar as it runs infrequently (such as prime shopping and personal free times on weekends and in the evenings), runs late, or it stops running after certain hours or on certain days.

Some villages and/or towns in Westchester offer jitney or shuttle service to the train station in the hopes of reducing car traffic. Having such a service would reduce carbon emissions, wear and tear on the roads, and also reduce any potential for DWI. It would offer a safe way for those elderly who no longer drive (or don’t want to) to also get Downtown. Such a service could also offer people returning on the MetroNorth the option to hang around Downtown for a few extra hours to have dinner or coffee before heading home by the next bus or shuttle.

A bus/shuttle can also bring students from the colleges in New Rochelle who may want to hang out, watch a movie, shoot pool, bowl, have a burger or pizza during their free time. They need a way to get to Downtown and back to their campus. If there’s ever to be more of a nightlife in New Rochelle, a way to get there, enjoy it and then return home safely is needed.

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