Rockville Town Square in Rockville, Maryland has literally become the city's center stage overnight, hosting concerts, movies, a farmer's market, a skating rink in the winter, and even a rock climbing wall. The square feels like being in a grand outdoor room, a pedestian-only space fronted on four sides by restaurants, shops and the city library.

The plaza (almost a piazza aside from the low auto traffic lanes on either side) is filled with outdoor dining tables and maturing trees. It's surrounded by 108,000 s.f. of restaurants and shops plus a 100,000 s.f. library, with condominiums on top.

Although the predominance of national chains prevents it from becoming a unique destination for nearby Washington DC residents (what's the point of going thereĀ if the venues are the same in both places, right?), but it's a major step toward how to develop a natural cultural district from scratch, which most definitely are regional destinations. Check out the first 14-second video above for an idea of what a typical evening in Rockville Town Square is like, with a longer one below that.

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