Two floors plus a common area outside of the building with greenery and appropriate serene reflective landscaping. In addition there should be sufficient parking behind it or beside it to service patrons of performances (opera, dance, the museum) and visitors of the armory.

The first floor will have a theater, cafe, and a gift shop with a reflective space in the back. This performance that could house the New Rochelle Opera, a dinner theater, poetry readings and public events.  This can service New Rochelle High School performances, dance groups and club performances, we can look into servicing other community cultural events.

The second floor would contain an appropriate set of services for returning post 9/11 veterans. We will need peer support specialists trained to refer them to the ample community resources such as medical, psychological, residential, job, counseling and training programs. For example, Montifore and Burke Medical Rehabilitation can provide such services. We can serve returned veterans from the city and county to take advantage of these services. Additionally we can provide appropriate meeting space for our American Legion post 8 members free of charge. The second floor would also have classroom space to counsel these veterans and of course the training space could be used by the community for other things (ie. students can receive tutorials, student discussions etc.).

The second floor will also house a museum that will essentially contain significant artifacts from the armory, photos, records, and memorabilia that will reflect the community to be determined by the arts council and New Rochelle historians. There could also be space for a community art gallery.

In phase two we can develop how this will be set up controlled and monitored by the city, a committee, a historian, a councilman, and a county veterans historians.

There is space already at the armory to have such things.  This will be the gateway to downtown New Rochelle.

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