After the massive outroar from the long time New Rochelle natives over the demolition of the Rowing Club in Hudson Park, I figured it might be a nice place to list a few ideas here. 

First off, I'm glad the cupola was preserved, as it holds a lot of important history to New Rochelle. It could be put to use on another building, or maybe in a fenced area of Hudson Park. My other ideas were to maybe repave the entire lot, so it isn't riddled with potholes within every few feet. The rusted and discolored guardrails could be replaced as well. Maybe add a walk way going along the outline of the parking lot. If that happens, benches could be placed, too, My image of Hudson Park (if the developers consider the idea, at least) goes exactly like what I have listed above. If anybody has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to add them. 

The south end needs love, too - not just downtown.

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