NRCA Arts EncountersIn celebration of the arrival of summer and to promote the multitude of arts and cultural experiences that will take place in New Rochelle during the summer months, The New Rochelle Council on the Arts proposes to expand on its Pop Up Arts Encounters series by sponsoring a Movable Concert that will make surprise appearances throughout the city on a flat bed truck, colorfully draped with banners and carrying promotional materials.
The event would take place on the Saturday before Memorial Day and the truck would make the rounds of popular shopping and community sites, to provide a little surprise enjoyment for New Rochelleans as they run their weekend errands. The music will be upbeat and festive: e.g.a Zydeco, Dixieland, or New Orleans jazz band. Volunteers will accompany the truck to hand out information about the NR Jazz Fest, the Summer Concert series at Hudson Park, the Farmers Markets, and other arts and cultural happenings scheduled during the summer months. It will engage and inform community members about all the arts and cultural happenings scheduled in their home town and create a sense of excitement and pride in New Rochelle as a happening place.

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