I am looking to create a children's book on the history of New Rochelle. This book will be targeted to kids in grades 3-5 and will be translated in numerous languages (to cater to New Rochelle's diverse population). This book will be created for the community by the community and therefore, I am looking for participation/ donations from anyone interested in my idea. I need volunteers to work on the book as well as any donations of time, talent, information,money & resources.
I have spoken to our city's historian, Barbara Davis, who is both supportive of the idea and willing to help. Thus far, I have held two interest meetings and have about 8 committed and interested millennials to help me. Although I have begun this effort with a millennial task force, I am very interested in opening this production up to the whole community. If you are interested in participating, please call/text me at: 914-325-8348.

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