One building will house a complete public access production studio,  artist manufacturing plant (i.e. Urban Glass), public performance theatre and Art Gallery

The New Rochelle Access Arts Center will partner with the New Rochelle School District, College Communication programs, Art Organizations, the Library and be open to all New Rochelle Residents.


Access to television studio, cameras, editing bays lighting and props.
Similar to

Artist Manufacturing Plant similar to Urban Glass in Brooklyn-provides workspace, time with glass manufacturing equipment, provides classes to the public at large and a gallery space to display glass art exhibitions.

Public Performance Art Theatre - Artist in residence and community art programs that the public at large can see and participate in silimar. Original performances can also be captured or broadcast live by the access station.

Community Benefits


    • Access to Editing Bays, cameras, lighting and props for public television studio.
    • Skills training and social opprotunities for children and teens with disabilities


    • Public Voice


    • Creation of partnerships between the colleges, New Rochelle School District, New Rochell Arts Organizations, New Rochelle Public Library.


    • Internships for High School and local college students majoring in filmmaking, technology and communications.


    • Volunteer credit opportunities for High School and Middle School Students


    • Skill training for community members of all ages.


    • Creation of a Youth Media Program like


    • Local public television programming available on local television, online and on mobile phones.


    • Local Cooking Show hosted by local restuarants


    • Local recording artist showcase


    • Summer workshops for children and adults.


    • Screenwriting and Playwrighting Workshops


    • Media Workshops and opportunities for New Rochelle Children with disabilities.


    • Coverage of art and cultural events that take place in the public art space housed in the facility


    • Creating not for profit event media and mode of communication for the community at large.


    • Not for profits can post not for profit notices to the community television station.

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