The Market Square/Central Plaza are the most popular public place ideas of the crowdsourced placemaking community in the Village of Hempstead, Long Island, NY, Renew Hempstead:

An open square fronted by buildings with no through-auto-traffic, often filled with outdoor dining and public events. It would be the heart of downtown Hempstead, pedestrian friendly, in use day and night, and a major regional draw. The surrounding buildings are typically human-scaled, and human-proportioned, and ongoing activities often include open-air cafes on the ground floor, offices on the second floor, and residential above. Events often include outdoor concerts, festivals and movies.

This would also provide a permanent place for independent merchants to sell their products to the public, hosting both a public market and farmers’ market, serving as a regional destination because of its unique and compelling locale.

Note: Public markets often emphasize foods, clothing, and artisanal products reflective of the ethnicities in their respective regions. Farmers’ markets are where local farmers sell produce to the public. They are economically sustainable with renewed interest in locally-grown, chemical-free and organic produce. Markets also serve as popular venues for public events and live entertainment. Learn more about public and farmers’ markets here.

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