Each summer NRCA produces a weekly summer concert series at the Hudson Park Bandshell.  This past year an annoymous donation has allowed upgrades to the sound and lighting system.  For the 2016 series not only will we be offerirng an music series with a variety of genres, but we are also offerring food trucks.  This will allow a night of not just musical delight, but culinary bliss.  People will have a complete experience with the visuals of  a pictuersque park and water, auditory delight of music, tastes and smells of wonderful foods from the food trucks, and the feeling of the warm summer air enjoyable times had by all.  These concerts are for all ages and are free.  These magnets will help promote the Emil Paolucci Summer Concert Series not just to the New Rochele Community, but the surrounding area.   It will be crucial to increase the awareness of this concert series and increase attendance.  The food truck addtions to the summer concert series can become a tradition known far and wide for New Rochelle. This visual aide for promotion will make it easy for peopel to a)be reminded of the event, b)be aware of who is playing, and c)know which food truck will be providing food.  Imagine a family coming in on a summer Wednesday from a day of camps, outdoor activities, beach, and work, coming home and figuring out what to do for dinner and have an activitiy with the family. As they go to the refriderator to decide, they see the magnet and think, "I don't have to cook.  Let's go have dinner/picnic at Hudson park, listen to some great music, and enjoy a night at New Rochelle."  

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