To establish sustainable heirloom garden for the elderly, and or low to moderate

income families where they can plan, participate and help grow heirloom vegetables

at no cost.The garden is a collaboration and is to be catered to the homeowner's

tastes, needs and wants, keeping in mind what indigenous to the area so the

gardens can be as productive as possible. The elderly and or low to moderate

families struggle to make ends meet every day with few or no available resources.

The difference between making it through a week or not could be as little as a

bag of groceries. The only requirement is a sunny spot/yard, everything is

supplied by Interest Food Project, with the understanding that any extra produce

will be given to the less fortunate.They would receive fresh produce on a weekly

basis from early spring through the end of fall at least (3) seasons. Why heirloom,

it is the healthiest, truest form of a vegetable. This is a pilot program, if it is viable

it will be used as a model for future gardens. A fruit tree or bush is to be planted

in each established garden as a reminder that their are means in which we can

feed our hungry if we just take an Interest.

Interest Food project.
Won't you please take an Interest and support us.

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