The homeless shelter in New Rochelle is part of the downtown community and needs to be addressed and greatly improved. It should not serve solely as a shelter to house individuals, but rather as a center to assist, educate, and empower these individuals that are down on their luck, regardless of the reason for their homelessness.
Providing shelter and a place to sleep is not enough. A true Homeless Shelter must provide the guidance and helping hand to help people gain employment, through skills classes and training/internship opportunities though placements in established community businesses. It must include medical and social services with access to counseling to help rebuild their confidence and inspire hope. It should be a place to learn the skills that will help them rise out of poverty.  It should include in-house programs that educate and teach responsibility for their home/shelter. Every resident must contribute as any family member would, to their home through food preparation, maintenance, laundry, home repairs, etc. Maybe a community garden where they can grow their own food and learn food preparation skills that may help them gain employment. Everyone has a skill they can contribute to their home.  Don’t’ give them a fish…teach them how to fish. 

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