It would be nice to create some additional competition in internet service providers in downtown New Rochelle.  Time Warner and Optimum are spotty, and Verizon FIOS is expensive.  The New York area is not on the list of Google Fiber cities, but there's no reason we couldn't create a comparable service ourselves, especially if there are new residents and businesses coming to downtown over the next several years.  
I would love to see a cooperative organization serving the downtown area that aims to provide gigabit service to residences and businesses at approximately break-even prices.  Google Fiber does this in other cities for $70/month, and I know some buildings in Manhattan that provide 100 Mbps service to their residents for less than $30/month.  
Having an independent cooperative provide this service would also protect local residents from any future dispute between, say, Time Warner and Netflix over "net neutrality", since the cooperative could get a more direct connection to Netflix and other content providers without having to rely on a cable company that has its TV business to protect.  

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