A health and fitness culture would include the following: An emphasis on walking and bicycling via sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian streets; health-oriented places to eat; city-wide events that promote exercise like Open Streets.

From Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places:

  1. Put People First - Individuals are more likely to be active in a community designed around their needs.
  2. Recognize the Economic Value - Healthy places can create enhanced economic value for both the private and public sectors.
  3. Empower Champions for Health - Every movement needs its champions.
  4. Energize Shared Spaces - Public gathering places have a direct, positive impact on human health.
  5. Make Healthy Choices Easy - Communities should make the healthy choice the one that is SAFE—safe, accessible, fun, and easy.
  6. Ensure Equitable Access - Many segments of the population would benefit from better access to services, amenities, and opportunities.
  7. Mix It Up - A variety of land uses, building types, and public spaces can be used to improve physical and social activity.
  8. Embrace Unique Character - Places that are different, unusual, or unique can be helpful in promoting physical activity.
  9. Promote Access to Healthy Food - Because diet affects human health, access to healthy food should be a considered as part of any development proposal.
  10. Make It Active - Urban design can be employed to create an active community.

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