grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden (grow! LPCG) is an organic, sustainable legacy garden located in Lincoln Park, the largest public park in New Rochelle.  The community garden, which is 10,000 sq. ft., has 60-raised garden beds which are leased by individuals, families, community organizations and local institutions from all over New Rochelle.  grow! LPCG is a hub where seniors, adults and children from different neighborhoods in the city come together to learn, socialize and share experiences.

Yoga and Zumba workshops are offered free-of-charge and organically-grown crops are donated to food pantries and families in the community.  grow! LPCG's outreach to teach about organic gardening and healthy eating has brought over 500 elementary, middle school, high school and college students to the community garden in the 2016 planting season to learn about the historic community, growing organic vegetables and composting organic matter to produce the rich and healthy soil used in the beds.

With the expansion of grow! LPCG, three new compost bins were built to accommodate all of the gardeners and to ensure a productive and robust composting program. An art project, to engage young people from the adjacent Remington Boys & Girls Club, was conceived by ceramicist and artist Judith Weber, to design and paint the compost bins.  The project will foster team-building and pride in producing an art project that will not only enhance the garden, but will also inspire conversations about sustainability, organic crops and eating healthy foods.

Judith Weber is an arts advocate with a commitment to working with organizations to enhance community engagement.  Judith is the President of the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY and a member of the Board of Directors of the New Rochelle Council on the Arts.  Judith believes ART is a successful vehicle for creating opportunities for conversation in community environments and a tool for supporting inspired educational experiences that impact the community at large.

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