Most of the ideas here (excpt for the train station - do NOT touch it - leave it alone!) are great! However, none are so unique (except for creating a Museum of the City of New Rochelle and moving essential services like City Hall to the downtown area) that North Enders or residents from other towns in Westchester (or New Yorkers) will beat a path to come downtown. New Rochelle is in suburbia and people who live in suburbia love their cars and they love to be able to go places where they can just hop in and out of their cars. New Rochelle has to provide that freedom and flexibility. There are too many substitute places and venues for people in Westchetser to go where they can get free parking, why should they come to New Rochelle and pay for parking? The plan for downtown New Rochelle MUST include free parking, if the City ever expects to get people to visit.

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