So, what are foodies? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a foodie is “a person who enjoys and cares about food very much”. This, however, is only a half of foodie’s definition. In today’s society, foodie isn’t just someone who enjoys and cares about food only. A foodie cares about where the ingredients come from, how the dish was prepared, etc.

Foodie culture is becoming more than just a hobby among the young and urbane. Statistics show that 76% of U.S. adults enjoy talking about new or interesting foods and 53% of U.S. adults regularly watch cooking shows. Also, 68% of adults purchase specialty foods for everyday home meals, and these statistics show the popularity of foodie culture that is rising at a very fast speed in the United States.

Events and experiences related to a foodie culture for all: Tasting events, Yelp reviews, social media sharing of food pictures, food trucks, Restaurant Week, food halls, farmers markets, public markets, farm-to-table restaurants, vegetarian/raw menus, locally-brewed beers, cooking shows and classes, diversity of ethnic restaurants, etc.

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