I think this would be a great event because it would help New Rochelle remember what we were before all the redevelopment. And newcomers as well. 
Pictures could be as simple as showing buildings or certain areas as well as pedestrian activity, bus stops, the train station, shops, parking lots. You know.... anything.
Prize or no prize I think this would be fun. Even for name recognition. Pictures don't necessarily need to be professional done... just of decent quality. People's phones these days produce impressive pictures. And even some cameras. People don't have to pay and arm and a leg.
Or local companies can provide discounts or something to the prize winners or participants. 
Maybe there are some aspiring photographers in New Rochelle that would love to take part or some of the local schools can too. 
And who knows if we get a New Rochelle Museum some of the pictures could be featured in the museum.

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