New Rochelle, NY
Making the Arts Accessible

The Queen City Cultural Arts Center
Mission Statement
We live a half hour from the center of culture in this country.  But even half an hour can seem like an eternity at the end of a hard day at work or a busy week end.  
If you can’t make it to the show, bring the show to you!
That is the goal of the Queen City Cultural Arts Center (QCCAC), a non-profit 501-C3 organization for the promotion of culture and the arts in New Rochelle, NY.  The Center is dedicated to delivering the finest art, dance, music, theatre, and film to the community of New Rochelle and Southern Westchester County. 
Maybe even more importantly the QCCAC would provide appreciation of and education in the arts with classes, seminars, workshops, summer and after school programs, and special events for all.
The theatre spaces at QCCAC, both the inside and the outside stages, should never have a day off from housing the very best entertainment available.  Not only should it house the productions of resident theatrical companies, like Theatre 5, Fleetwood Stage and Moonlight Theatre Company, but also provide runs of New York professional theatrical companies; like the Red Monkey Theater Group, a New York theatre company dedicated to discovering and producing lost plays as well as classic and contemporary theatre; Moonworks Theatre Company, one of New York’s finest Shakespearean companies; and Ensemble Studio Theatre, a highly respected theatre dedicated to original works.
What this provides our community is exposure to creative, current, and exciting New York theatre for all ages.  What it provides the theatre companies is an audience they may not otherwise reach.  Other relationships would be pursued with professional companies all around the world, including those of dance and music.
Bringing cultural entertainment to our doorstep is just the first of many steps we can take to encourage and deliver the arts in our community.  Imagine a place where the entire family could go for an evening or matinee.  Admission to an event would include entertainment for the whole family; parents would go to their show and the children would go to their own show in a near by location within the facility.  
This children’s show’ could be an event designed for their age group, such as a Theatre for Young Audiences[1] production, a puppet show, or other presentation to amuse (no TV!).  Maybe the event is a choice of one of our after school or summer school classes.  Or perhaps it would be a study hall with qualified tutors available to help with home work. Parents could simply check on the kids at intermission by walking into the next room.  They could save money on baby sitters (or invite the baby sitter too!)
The QCCAC would offer an after school and summer arts programs to children ages 7-17 in all areas of the arts.  The theatrical instruction would range from conventional cultural art formats like dance, music, acting (for the stage, camera, radio, and commercials) to more avant guard subjects like circus performing, acrobatics, rap, mime, puppetry, theatre history, theatre appreciation, play writing, screen writing, video editing, animation, stand up comedy, or improv just to name a few.  The subjects would be chosen depending upon the age and interests of the student.
Out of these efforts the QCCAC plans to develop a Theatre for Young Audiences professional workshop and theatre under the auspices and full co-operation of the professional artists of the Actors Equity Association (AEA), the Writers Guild of America (WGA), and the Directors Guild of America (DGA).  This theatre company would work with the local school system to create original theatre, musicals, or other cultural events for the New Rochelle and Westchester County public school system.   Professional writers, actors, and directors would perform for and with our children to develop their appreciation of the arts and further their education on subjects presented by and material approved by their teachers.  
Night courses could also be offered in these subjects to adults as well. There is no other organization offering this in our area.
Special Events
Planning and providing a venue for special events would be a huge part of our goal.  The QCCAC would seek and solicit interesting performances to promote:  concerts, fairs, festivals, historic reenactments, and exhibits.  Whatever the community felt added to their cultural awareness.
Fund Raising
The QCCAC would seek yearly subscriptions from families and individuals that would allow members free admission or special prices for the events, venues, and services we offer.  Membership would be affordable to all.  That really is the point. We would also present special fund raising events of our own and seek grants and pursue sponsorship by reputable and appropriate donors.
Proposed by:
Garret “Quint” Spitzer
Robb Pruitt


1 Theatre for a Young Audience is the description Actors Equity Association uses to describe a professional contract for an actor working on a show designed for young audiences

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