A Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) is an agreement between a company and the community (community members, groups and elected officials).  With an enforceable and comprehensive CBA, we can ensure that any future development maintains and strengthens New Rochelle’s diverse makeup and promotes equity.
Affordable Housing

    • Raise the minimum percentage of required affordable housing for all new residential developments
      1. NYC currently has a 20% minimum. New Rochelle currently has a 10% minimum
    • Low Income Housing income should be clearly defined (distinctly from Affordable Housing), and provisions should be made to meet LIH requirements
    • The affordable/low income housing units should be interwoven in new developments rather than concentrated and isolated
    • RDRXR may not defer any of its affordable housing requirements to an affordable housing fund

Protecting Residents and Small Businesses

    • Policies to minimize increases in rents and gentrification in areas surrounding new development
    • Policies to protect small businesses from increased rents and new, larger competitors
    • Policies to prevent Broken Windows Policing, and the exclusion of homeless and low-income people from newly developed areas

Local Hire

    • A commitment to employing New Rochelle residents in the construction and retail jobs that the development creates
      1. A policy that includes the hiring of formerly incarcerated people
    • Connecting residents to training and apprenticeship programs designed to create long-term careers as opposed to short-term jobs
    • Committing to contracting Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises
    • Establish a Chief Diversity Officer position responsible for implementing the tenets of the local hire policy as outlined above

Livable Wage Requirements

    • All RDRXR contract workers will be guaranteed a livable wage
    • To ensure good wages, benefits, and working conditions, all building maintenance jobs in the RDRXR development will be union jobs
    • To ensure the development is built right, built safe, and built on time, all construction jobs must be done with union labor
    • A livable wage will be guaranteed to the employees of RDRXR commercial development property tenants
    • RDRXR will establish a fund to assist small businesses in providing livable wages to their employees

Community Space & Educational Youth Programs

    • RDRXR will create a truly public community space for all people to enjoy freely without the prerequisite of purchasing goods or services
    • This community space will include a youth center built for and administered by the New Rochelle Parks & Recreation and the Youth Bureau and be designated for youth development activities such as My Brother’s Keeper and the Youth Police Initiative
    • RDRXR will fund a predetermined amount of operating capital for this space and these initiatives


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