A crowdsourced concept in Bristol, CT, for a pedestrian-only piazza.
The original description of the Piazza idea posted on bristolrising.com:

An open square fronted by buildings, often filled with outdoor dining and public events. It would be the heart of downtown Bristol, pedestrian friendly, and in use day and night. The surrounding uses often include open-air cafes on the ground floor, offices on the second floor, and residential above. Events often include outdoor concerts, public markets, festivals and movies. The surrounding buildings are typically human-scaled, and human-proportioned (taller than wider).

March 15, 2011: Idea identified as top public amenity as selected by Bristol Rising community.
April 28, 2011: Concept plan submitted to the City by Renaissance Downtowns featuring the piazza concept.
August 6: 2011, August 4, 2012: Pop-up piazza festival demonstrating what life would be like with a downtown piazza, attracts over 15,000 people.

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