I believe that a modern, well-maintained, and inviting Transit Center may be the linchpin of a successful redevelopment downtown.  New Rochelle's transit access to NY is second-to-none in Westchester, and only going to get better with coming access to Penn Station.  But our train station is a weak link.  An improved Transit Center will present an inviting "front door" for visitors, but it can also play an important role in the lives of residents (or prospective residents) who choose to live in New Rochelle for easy access to jobs located in Manhattan.  An energized streetscape downtown has to draw visitors from surrounding communities, and an inviting train station may encourage them to come in by train rather than by car (which will help mitigate parking and traffic concerns).  This could be transit-oriented development at its finest.  Unfortunately, despite significant capital outlay ten years ago, the current state of the train station and parking garage undermine the city's hard work to enhance its image both as a place to live and as a place to conduct business.  We need to attract businesses (both retail and office based), and in order to do, we need to attract people (residents, visitors/shoppers, employers, and employees).  To do so, the train station has to be cleaned up, kept clean, and reconfigured for more efficient flow of people and vehicles.  And existing laws against loitering, littering, defacement of public property, etc., have to be robustly enforced on an ongoing basis.  The existing historical structure should be repurposed and incorporated into any final design.

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