Here are our the top NR Future contributors each month! Learn more here about we determine who's enshrined in the NR Future Hall of Fame each month.

May 2015

  • Angela Derecas Taylor (310 points) 250 Facebook Group referrals; 6 members referred
  • Evan Levy (225 points) 21 members referred, Idea with at least 25 Likes: World Class Tech Campus - Economic Driver
  • BreeAna Jones (180 points) 18 members referred

April 2015


So many of us contribute significantly to making a difference, but are often unrecognized and even forgotten forever.

Not with NR Future.

We're recognizing the top contributors each month, placing them on our Hall of Fame page.

We'll present each of the month's top contributors with a small token of appreciation.

So, how do we identify the top contributors each month? It's based on earning points using the following criteria:

  • Referring new members to join this site (10 pts each referral)
  • Adding new members to the NR Future Supporters Facebook Group (1 pt each referral)
  • Being one of the top online contributors (i.e. writing comments on ideas on this site, conversing on Facebook Page) (25 pts)
  • Attending in-person to meet-ups (25 pts) and happy hours (15 pts)
  • Submitting an idea that receives at least 25 Likes (15 pts)
  • Getting 100 "Likes" for an idea you posted (25 pts)
  • Getting 200 "Likes" for a comment you posted (50 pts)
  • Getting 50 "Likes" for a comment you posted on (50 pts)
  • Posting a photo of yourself in your profile (see 'Howdy, [Your Name]'> Edit My Profile > 'Change Profile Photo' at top of Home Page once you're logged in) (10 pts)