nr_future_five_grants_2The Future Five is an initiative by the people for the people to revitalize the downtown through five community-chosen priorities: Public Space + Storefront Beautification, Local Business Development, Food + Dining Scene, Millennial Engagement, and Arts + Culture (we are now considering whether Social Impact and Tactical Urbanism should replace any of the current Future Five given the greater attention being received). See further descriptions at here. Each month NR Future will provide two Future Five overall grants of $500 and one $250 grant for each of the five initiatives.

Here are the criteria:

  • The idea fits the triple-bottom-line mission of NR Future and at least one of the Future Five initiatives supporting downtown revitalization.
  • The idea needs to be feasible and implementable within 60 days of being selected, with a date and location secured prior to receiving the grant.
  • Everyone is reasonably able to directly and immediately experience the benefits of what the grant is supporting.
  • A detailed budget of expenses, and an emailed photo of receipts after to qualify for future grants.
  • To allow more NR Future members to participate, ideas and applicants that didn't immediately receive a prior grant will be prioritized.
  • You must be a member of NR Future. If you aren't already, simply register here!

Here are the grant application steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the form (below) by the end of the month.
  2. Post your idea at We will begin promoting it immediately.
  3. Present your idea at the following meet-up (first week of the month). For the $500 grant, the meet-up attendees will vote on which grant idea provides the greatest impact to the most people. For the $250 grant, the corresponding breakout group participants will select and approve the winning $250 grant applicant.
  4. If your idea is selected, obtain the requisite number of Likes at to receive the funds: 25 Likes for the $500 grants, 15 Likes for $250 grants.
  5. Pick up your grant check at the NR Future office once you are email notified, around 3 weeks after winners are announced.
  6. Provide a paragraph summary with photo(s) of your idea/event once it happens, so we can share the positivity!

Grant winners: March 2017 | February 2017 | January 2017 | December 2016 | November 2016 | October 2016August 2016 | July 2016 | June 2016 | May 2016 | April 2016 | March 2016 | January 2016 | December 2015 | November 2015 | October 2015 | September 2015

Grant applications are due on the last day of the month. A decision will be made at the monthly meet-up on the first [day TBD] of the following month by consensus among attendees. Please note that checks will not be available until two to three weeks after they are announced. The application form is below:

March 2017

    • $500 Future Five Grant:
      New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce - Lunch and Learn: Business Workshops

February 2017

January 2017

December 2016

November 2016


October 2016


August 2016


July 2016

      • $500 Future Five Grant:
         Operation PROM's Fashion U (Operation Prom)
      • $250 Local Business Development:
        Market Maker Bags (Artisan NR) 


June 2016

      • $500 Future Five Grant:
        Fun In The Sun Fundraiser (Vivian Spady)
      • $250 Food + Dining:
        Interest Food Project Strawberry Baskets for Seniors (Maggie Burke) 
      • $250 Millennial Engagement:
        New Ro Movie Night (Naja Innis)


May 2016

      • $500 Future Five Grant:
        Community Block Party (Daisy Veloz)
      • $250 Public Space & Storefront Beautification:
        Utilization of Main Street Two "Gardens" (Cristina Bernardo) 
      • $250 Arts + Creative Culture:
        Alvin's on The Square (Dave Fabris) 
      • $250 Food + Dining:
        Rock N Ramen (Cat Lupo)
      • $250 Millennial Engagement:
        Moving Millennials (Andres Sandoval)


April 2016

      • $500 Future Five Grant:
        Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse Restoration (Karen Hessel)
      • $250 Public Space & Storefront Beautification:
        Pop-Up Movable Concert (NRCA/Lynn Green) - group-decided merged grant
      • $250 Arts + Creative Culture:
        Pop-Up Movable Concert (NRCA/Lynn Green) - group-decided merged grant
      • $250 Food + Dining:
        Food Truck/Concert Marketing Magnets (NRCA/Melissa Panszi Riebe)
      • $250 Local Business Development:
        Uncle Louie G Italian Ices & Ice Cream Shop Public Seating (Uncle Louie G/Pete, Lisa Marino)
      • $250 Millennial Engagement:
        New Rochelle Community History Book (Julian Checchi)


March 2016
Idea: New Mother's Group Meetings
Applicant: Vivian Spady
Result: TBD

January 2016
Idea: Interest Food Project
Applicant: Maggie Burke
Result: Senior Center Gardens at Office of the Aging

December 2015
Idea: Ring in the New Year at Noon at New Roc City!
Applicant: Fred Bruck
Result: Ring in the New Year Promotional Video

November 2015
Idea: Events Website for Millennials
Applicant: Suzanne Young
Result: TBD

October 2015
Idea: Living Room Inside Out: Part II
Applicant: David Krinick, New Rochelle Arts Collective
Result: Photography Installation in City Hall's Rotunda

September 2015
Idea: Living Room Inside Out
Applicant: David Krinick, New Rochelle Arts Collective
Result: NR Future Grant Winners Showcase Art Installation at New Rochelle Arts Fest