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    “No city has ever demolished its way to prosperity” – as noted by UrbanObserver ( 06/11/2015), From the website, CURBED.

    The current downtown is a shinning example of the false promises and the tangible failures of Urban Renewal that has been replicated in White Plain and Port Chester and has ruined cities large and small throughout the US. Richmond, California is like New Rochelle in striking ways, though, it must be said, with better run City Services in spite of being a chronically unfunded and dysfunctional City .

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    I agree with you Karla, what has been called urban renewal in this country has historically been the demolition of communities, funded by taxpayer dollars, to the benefit of privately owned corporations. I encourage you to check out the idea for a Community Benefits Agreement for Equitable Development, it is on this website. If you search “equity” it is the second result. The developers are going to get what they need from the City, we need to make sure that current residents also get what we need to improve our circumstances.

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