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    I attended the last meeting, that was indeed very interesting.
    One thing I did not hear a lot about was about any overall goals regarding smart building: energy saving measures such as Leeds building, energy efficient heating , low energy use of public lighting, reduction of light pollution, the implementation of strictly pedestrianized streets – only accessible by delivery trucks at early morning and late evening and any active policies to reduce car traffic and include alternative forms of transport. Any efforts to reduce surface parking spaces (i.e. to ensure that car parking gets concentrated in multi story parking facilities. We should design a Smart City that excels in the implementation of sustainability measures.
    And certainly greening our city and downtown as much as we can: buildings with multiple layer roof gardens elevated parks etc. wherever we can.
    I also place a link here about designing the Urban Commons as food for thought:

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    Notions II

    In addition to notions I,

    I think it boils down to the fact that if we re-design the city, we need to incorporate Nature, or the environment as a full partner. Because all what we develop will at the end of the day need to be sustained by thee environment.
    The Guardian published an interesting article written by Naomi Klein, that is worth reading and keeping in mind when it comes to redefining our living environment:
    The more ‘whole’ we make our living environment the more amenable it is for all of us. Let us not pay lip service to our environment when we redesign our urban environment or fall into the trappings and urban development models of the past. They will not serve us well for the future.

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