Through a crowdsourced placemaking program, Renaissance Downtowns will involve current and future residents, tenants and committed patrons of the New Rochelle crowdsourced placemaking community to provide you with a triple-bottom-line destination upholding the residential, commercial and cultural values you desire, in exchange for your providing a commitment to Renaissance Downtowns to support the project if those values are indeed significantly invested in and met.

This agreement serves to:
- Provide predictability in managing expectations each group has of the other, including definition of roles and responsibilities.
- Avoid false expectations in regard to what will eventually be built.

Both parties agree to:
- Use the project's Triple-Bottom-Line Statement as a set of underlying principles for the development.
- Support a realistic implementable plan that is constructible and sellable, based on objective economic analysis to confirm its financial viability. This must satisfy the economic/financial bottom line (of the triple bottom line) for Renaissance Downtowns, the community, the development's future citizens and the New Rochelle community at large.
- Agree to collaborate diplomatically, consciously and respectfully with each others' best interests in mind. This means that ideas will inevitably be implemented that are not supported by all, but as long as they both fit within the spirit of the triple-bottom-line principles and are financially viable, these should not be grounds for withdrawing overall support.
- Work with the committees to execute the actionable ideas of the crowd.

Renaissance Downtowns will provide the New Rochelle crowdsourced placemaking community with:
- Community building, discussion, and decision-making tools, such as a social network website and an open market survey website.
- Transparent updates of the development progress at a frequency that satisfies the majority of the beta community. Renaissance must maintain the option of retaining sensitive financial information.
- Assistance with managing and educating the beta community on the process of collaborative teamwork and benchmark planning and design.

The New Rochelle crowdsourced placemaking community will provide Renaissance Downtowns with:
- A large enough identifiable market community of potential tenants, buyers and committed patrons from which Renaissance Downtowns can use to make development decisions and secure financing.
- Transparent updates of the beta community's progress at a frequency that satisfies Renaissance Downtowns.
- Outspoken leaders and followers that will campaign and openly support the project, especially at time of need.

The key to the success of this partnership is that both sides realize it is a symbiotic relationship between two parties with mutual interests. We must work together as a team, and trust that we will resolve differences enthusiastically and without judgement. The larger the beta community grows, the greater its leaders need to ensure that the community is working as a cohesive unit to make this an entirely enjoyable experience for themselves, the community, and the Renaissance Downtowns team.