This is a new program to revitalize New Rochelle's downtown. It is a transparent and inclusive community process, and a public-private partnership between the City of New Rochelle and RDRXR.

The City of New Rochelle and RDRXR entered into a Master Developer Agreement on December 15, 2014, formalizing a Public-Private Partnership between the City and RDRXR that will be responsible for the comprehensive revitalization and redevelopment of downtown New Rochelle, complementing and building on the wonderful assets that currently exist in the area.

RDRXR is a joint venture between two of the Tri-State area’s most respected real estate firms, Renaissance Downtowns and RXR Realty. More info about these companies can be found at the About RDRXR page, with answers to frequently asked questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The partnership between the City and RDRXR will create the redevelopment plan for downtown New Rochelle through a public and transparent process that will involve local stakeholders, including businesses, residents and property owners, utilizing a nationally-renowned program called crowdsourced placemaking.

Crowdsourced placemaking is a grass roots, social networking program that, through a combination of in-person meetings, events, online forums and 'Likes', solicits ideas from the community for what should be included in a plan such as the one being developed for New Rochelle. Learn more about this nationally renowned process at the What is crowdsourced placemaking? page, and a visual outline of the process for New Rochelle at the How It Works page.

Crowdsourced placemaking will encourage members of the community to get involved in the process by coming to RDRXR’s downtown informational office, joining monthly meet-ups, participating in local business campaigns, and submitting and 'Liking' ideas on this website that they would like to see incorporated into the plan.

Through these crowdsourced placemaking efforts, RDRXR will “co-create” the New Rochelle redevelopment plan, ensuring that it contains elements (e.g., types of uses, businesses, amenities, etc.) that are proposed and supported by a wide-range of stakeholders and simultaneously rigorously tested against market realities.

The formal launch of the crowdsourced placemaking program is expected to occur in early 2015, simultaneously with the opening of a community informational office that will be available for those who wish to become involved or those who want to learn more about the revitalization effort.

Local residents and stakeholders will have the ability to participate both online and in person to provide insight and ideas as to what they would like to see built (types of uses, businesses, amenities etc) throughout the downtown.


RDRXR takes a different approach than most development companies. Instead of presenting a final plan to the City and Community as a “take-it-or-leave-it option”, RDRXR works with the community, in partnership with municipal officials, to elicit ideas and input that actually shape the final plan. This allows the development plan to be “co-created” at the grass roots level, rather than imposed from the “top-down”.

In addition, unlike most development efforts that focus on one building or one development site, RDRXR’s partnership with the City will be a comprehensive “master development approach”, allowing elements of the redevelopment plan to be phased-in in a manner that is most responsive to market and community demand.

The downtown redevelopment plan for New Rochelle is intended to be a mixed-use plan that will include retail, commercial, residential, educational, healthcare, cultural, entertainment and other uses. As required by the leadership of New Rochelle, the downtown redevelopment plan will also be designed to generate significant incremental tax revenues and economic activity for the city, with a goal of ensuring that new public revenues more than offset any new public costs associated with the redevelopment.

The City and RDRXR agree that the resulting development plan which is to be co-created with significant public involvement and input must be designed with the goal of providing significant overall net economic benefits to the City and community, including new job creation and the creation of incremental tax revenues. The anticipated mixed-use nature of the downtown redevelopment plan, with an emphasis on street level activity and walkability and transit accessibility will, RDRXR believes, position New Rochelle well to become even more attractive to retailers and commercial businesses (including those in the innovation economy), improving the city's quality of life and growing the city’s economic and tax bases.

The project will generate substantially positive incremental value to the people of New Rochelle, including by generating net positive tax revenue, new jobs, new services and amenities for residents and visitors alike and new daytime and nighttime activity throughout downtown.

The NR Future Feasibility Report is available HERE.