The City seeks a master developer for the downtown via RFQ:
On May 30, 2014, the City of New Rochelle issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which sought responses by qualified and eligible organizations to develop plans, implement strategies and ultimately develop and redevelop the Downtown, including the Municipal Properties located within the identified Redevelopment Clusters. The City sought a Master Developer to work with the Municipality in a strong partnership early in the planning process to refine development concepts, test market assumptions, secure financing, obtain regulatory approvals and successfully implement a multi-stage development construction program for the Redevelopment Clusters.

The City recommends a master developer:
On July 31, 2014, RDRXR responded to the RFQ with a submission that fully addressed the requirements set forth in the RFQ and contemplated a"comprehensive approach to a connected downtown", including the areas described as the downtown core area and the downtown edge districts area (subareas of the Redevelopment Clusters). Review by the City found that, given its financial capacity and technical expertise, RDRXR was the most qualified respondent, that the response submitted fully complied with the requirements of the RFQ and was superior to any other submission, and that RDRXR has the requisite experience and financial capacity for the implementation

The City signs a master developer agreement with RDRXR:
On October 7, 2014, by Resolution No. 149, the City Council of the City of New Rochelle unanimously selected RDRXR as the Master Developer for the Redevelopment Clusters, which include both the Transit Oriented Development Cluster and the Downtown Cluster, and authorized the City Manager to negotiate an agreement (MDA) with RDRXR for presentation to the City Council for its consideration and approval. The MDA was executed on December 15th, 2014.

A Recommended Action Plan is submitted in the summer of 2015:
As one of the requirements of the agreement, RDRXR worked with the City and the community to co-create the Recommended Action Plan (RAP). This Recommended Action Plan builds on all of the existing and past planning efforts in a manner that is consistent with the needs and desires of a vibrant, ethnically and culturally diverse community. The RAP includes an analysis of the results of the previous and newly conducted Planning Studies, a report and analysis of stakeholder input and community input received through the Crowdsourced Placemaking (CSPM) process, and recommendations for necessary zoning code amendments.

The RAP is now publicly available HERE.

The Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement and Downtown Overlay Zone & Zoning Map Amendments document is available HERE.

The NR Future Feasibility Report is available HERE.