NR Future is a community-driven initiative sponsored by master developer RDRXR to ensure that the future of New Rochelle's downtown is vibrant, inspiring and representative of its community's shared values, based on the triple bottom line of being economically, socially and environmentally beneficial. See the Triple-Bottom-Line Statement.

Our approach is a transparent, inclusionary and fun process, in partnership with RDRXR, that allows community members to participate in an innovative crowdsourced placemaking program (sourcing the crowd to make extraordinary places) to realize the vibrant downtown they wish to experience. See the Crowdsourced Placemaking Agreement.

Through this crowdsourced placemaking community you will be able to:

  1. Collaborate with others to revitalize New Rochelle's downtown, both face-to-face and online.
  2. Become a member of this site to propose, vote/'Like', discuss and campaign for the ideas you support.
  3. Learn about crowdsourced placemaking and how it will revitalize our downtown.
  4. Learn about how you start to shape the downtown immediately through tactical urbanism, supported by our micro-grant program.

The goal for NR Future members is to establish itself as an identifiable community that is significant enough to be a valued partner in making major decisions regarding significant downtown investments. See answers to the most frequently asked questions on the project here.

We will continue to collaborate as a community to inspire a downtown that we have a shared passion for!

FAQ about NR Future

1. What is NR Future's relation to master developer RDRXR and the City of New Rochelle? NR Future is a program sponsored by RDRXR, but not managed by RDRXR or the City of New Rochelle. It's intent is to include the local community in downtown planning, development and programming decisions often predominantly reserved for just developers and municipalities. It’s managed by CSPM Group, a consulting firm that pioneered crowdsourced placemaking. The NR Future liaisons are employees of CSPM Group.

2. How has NR Future included the local community in decision making?In 2015, 1300 people cast 13,000 Likes to determine 18 ideas that were incorporated into the Recommended Action Plan that conceptualizes the development plan for downtown. You can see a summary of those results here. In 2016, $1750 in monthly grants are awarded to residents, chosen by residents, based on five categories (the NR Future Five) voted on by residents. NR Future, named by the community, also organized a petition to get public support for a State of NY $10 million downtown revitalization grant and established a Facebook Group of 800 millennials supporting downtown revitalization.

3. How can the 15,000 Likes and 2100 members on the NR Future website to date represent New Rochelle's 79,000 people? Like any survey, the Likes and members represented the people who most wanted to participate, including both online and offline via paper surveys. Everyone was allowed to participate, and all the results were transparently displayed in real time (and still are) so that everyone had an opportunity to make sure their voices were heard on ideas where they felt it wasn't, assuming there was a constituency to support them. While the initial survey campaign lasted three months to help determine what went into the Recommended Action Plan that was submitted in 2015, the survey is still live and publicly displayed to communicate ongoing and current priorities. That's also 15,000 Likes and 2100 members more than nothing, as even having such a transparent survey in shaping a downtown in the first place is unique to New Rochelle.

4. What is the future of NR Future and its website?
The potential is there, if the community is so willing at an appropriate point in the future, for NR Future to eventually become its own self-sustaining organization, managed as a nonprofit by the people who are the most trusted by the community to do so. That will come once NR Future strongly establishes a strong leadership core and is widely recognized as a reliable and legitimate force for positive change in the community, as well as securing the significant amount of resources required for a full-time liaison, regular events and website maintenance.

5. Is NR Future sponsoring a crosswalk design program? No. The City of New Rochelle is looking to sponsor a crosswalk design competition that communicates a more creative brand for the city, utilizing a paint system that lasts. NR Future's only role is to allow residents to have a voice in what design principles should go into the request for artists, and naming the process: The Creative Crosswalks survey.