Notes taken during February 2017 monthly meetup:

NR Future – Art Walk Break-out Session (February 8, 2017)

  1. Targeting Professional & Amateur Artists
    1. Engaging people who aren’t professionals (youth, teachers, latino community, colleges, seniors)
  2. Experiential Component – Dance, Theater
  3. Expositions in Public Spaces – Mapped out – Having a radius that serves different individuals in the community
  4. Partnering with the Art Fest in September
  5. Smaller quarterly art walks to galleries and murals in the cities
  6. Engaging local businesses to host art initiatives
  7. Reaching out to schools, country clubs, library, senior centers, hospitals
  8. Reaching out to the Art Council

Scratch Notes:

  • Should it be for professional or amateur artists?
    • Reach out to all – people who aren’t professionals – reach out to other artists (youth, Latino, college students, professors, art teachers)
    • What is the criteria?
  • Art Teachers
    • Reaching the needs of children (pre-school to high school)
    • Uncovered a lot of art from students
  • Hospitals
    • Often uses the same 4-5 artists
    • Montifeur Hospital
    • Art on the wall
  • Experiential component
    • Live Portrait Drawings
    • Ex. wrapping central park
    • Something everyone can experience – a movie, a dance
    • Botanical Gardens for their Halloween Walk – Giant Puppets walking between, Guys on stilts
  • Should this be incorporated with Arts Fest?
    • Trolley from site to site
    • Tie the city together
  • Venues
    • In the south west (College of New Rochelle), get the College of New Rochelle involved, and Iona
    • Have a radius – serves different individuals different communities
    • Different Zones for different groups of people (Senior Site, Millenial Site)
  • Fleur de Lis
  • History Walk – where they could participate
  • 40s night
  • Art in Motion – Dance
  • Flash Mobs
  • Theater – Acting
  • Make-Up
  • When would this be?
    • Is this a one day event or a weekend?
    • Summer vs. Winter
  • Local Organizations that could participate:
    • Schools
      • Iona
      • College of New Rochelle
      • New Rochelle High
    • Wykegill Country Gill
    • Hospital
    • Dance School – Ms. Jay (New Beginnings)
    • The Library
    • Health Fair – Senior Center
    • Vendors – Hebrew Home, Real Estate People, United Health
  • Who Should Organize and Spearhead this?
    • Arts Council
    • Committee – Controlled and organized
    • People need to be appointed or interviewed to be on the committee