Grant Applicant Presentations

Last night's NR Future monthly meeting was centered around meeting the two new liaisons, Shari Winard and John Sanders, discussing changes in the NR Future office and grant programs as well as listening to the presentations of all six grant applicants and deciding collectively which ones would receive the NR Future Five grant money.

John began the meeting with affirmations to motivate the crowd and get them fully engaged.  Shari then discussed the mission of NR Future and the need to reevaluate the five initiatives so they are better aligned with the New Rochelle community's needs.  We then proceeded with updates from previous grant recipients with the results of their grant projects.  ArtisanNR shared the successful implementation of her Market Maker bags and how creatively all ages enjoyed designing their own reusable bags. The project was well received and the BID Farmer's Market asked ArtisanNR to create Halloween trick or treat bags during the final fall festival celebration on October 29.

Operation Prom's Fashion University grant provided scholarships to several children in foster care during the summer and fall semesters.

The New Rochelle Public Library Foundation will be hosting their Murder Mystery Night Gala Fundraiser on Oct 29.

After the updates, we heard from all grant applicants and the attendees voted on the two proposals which they wanted to receive the $500 NR Future Five grants and which one would receive the $250 grant for the Creative Arts & Culture initiative.

Grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden/Lincoln Park Conservancy: "Garden Compost Bins Paint Project" and Remington Boys & Girls Club: "Community & Cops Basketball Game" were granted the 2 $500 grants, Mesh Print Studios: "Salon Gathering" received the $250 grant for the Creative Arts & Culture initiative, Ground Floor CoWorking: "Sprucing up North Ave" received the $250 grant for the Public Space & Storefront Beautification initiative and Tiffany Rey: "Fashion Budget Blog and how to shop in New Rochelle" received the $250 grant for Millennial  initiative.

Mesh Print Studios's David Krinick led the presentations with his proposal for a salon gathering, a series of monthly gatherings in the spirit of the classic French Salon, will be held partly to amuse one another and partly to build community and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversations which will foster creative endeavors in New Rochelle.  Following David, Tiffany Rey explained how her Fashion Budget Blog helps millennial women find affordable fashion on a tight financial budget so  they can help look their best with what they can afford while shopping in New Rochelle.  Then Linda Tarrant-Reid began Grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden's Compost Bins project with a brief history of the community garden and how it commemorates New Rochelle rich history.  Judith Weber than explained how a group of 8 to 12 year olds from the Remington Boys & Girls Club, would work under her guidance to create an artistic design based on a theme that represents the organic garden - grow! Lincoln Park Community Garden - and use the compost bins as their canvas.  

  20161018_200832Roy Gilwit, Ground Floor CoWorking, jumped in to share the inspiration behind his grant proposal to spruce up his block through the fastest and most economical way to beautify a building or storefront is by putting flower pots or planter boxes out front.

20161018_201144Aaron Williams, Remington Boys and Girls club finished the evening with his proposal to bring the New Rochelle community together to meet, greet & get to know the NRPD/NRFD through playing a basketball game against each other.