On Sunday, September 27th, NR Future’s first grant recipient, the New Rochelle Arts Collective demonstrated an impressive art installation on the Library Green. This installation entitled “Living Room Inside Out” began at 2pm where furniture donated from the Salvation Army was setup on the Green for all to participate. All were invited to have a seat on the couch or one of the armchairs and behave as one would in one’s own living room. The atmosphere from the last day of New Rochelle’s Arts Fest was that of a delightful and comfortable one due to the setup of this Living Room display. Many community members were delighted to relax in this environment built by the New Rochelle Arts Collective on this past Sunday afternoon.

The Living Room, “is a hybrid of our own Living Room: Theater (first launched at PopRocs 8/19/15) and the internationally acclaimed Inside Out Project, piloted by the French artist JR.  Living Room: Theater, the brain-child of Benjamin Kent, transforms familiar outdoor spaces and rearranges participants perceptions of how we interact with the space and each other. By bringing home decor outside we create a domestic space within the urban environment, playing with lines of private/public space and inviting strangers to come interact in a comfortable setting.”

The Living Room was adjoined with a Photo Parlor where under two tents, lights and cameras, were setup to take the photographs of anyone willing to participate and many community members did just that. Many were enthused to have their picture taken by Nick Rouke like they would in an indoor photography studio, and moments later these photos were printed and hung on a line for all to see.

The New Rochelle Arts Collective set out to “enrich the downtown experience by allowing residents and visitors the ability to access, experience, and participate in the creation of art.  Further, we will focus on highlighting New Rochelle's diversity throughout its six districts.  By presenting all of these faces together, we hope to bring us as a community closer.”

It is amazing to see what the New Rochelle Arts Collective was able to put together and we are truly proud of the community in response to all of their hard work in putting this installation together. It was both an impactful and enjoyable event for all. We look forward to the next step in the project where they will be looking to wheat post these photos at a location within New Rochelle for all to see. We are very pleased with the outcome and are very happy to have awarded the first grant to this group of innovators.

You may visit http://nrfuture.com/actiongrant/, for further details on how to participate in the NR Future Action Grant Program.

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