At our fourth meet-up on Monday, May 11 at 2 Clinton Place, the meeting began with a few important announcements regarding the Likes campaign and the June 5 deadline:

  • Any ideas reaching the associated goals of either 300 or 200 Likes, as outlined here, by June 5, will receive feasibility analyses and inclusion in the Action Plan to be submitted to the City by June 15.
  • The June 5 deadline represents just the first of many milestones for public input. The next deadline for public input looks to be in the fall. With each step toward implementation we hope the community engagement correlates.

We then broke up into groups based on the following categories, most of them continuing conversations from the last meet-up:

  • The Local Business Culture in New Rochelle (New & Existing Businesses)
  • The Arts Culture/Historic Culture
  • The City Beautiful Culture
  • The PR/Media Group
  • Bike Lanes

Each of the groups presented the summaries of their findings, and you will begin to see their ideas presented at

shirtsAshley then presented the NR Future shirts, which can be purchased at 2 Clinton Place for $5.

We then recognized the top three NR Future contributors and first inductees into the NR Future Hall of Fame, each of who received a gift certificate of appreciation and a permanent placement on Find out what it takes to be a top contributor here.

At the next meet-up on May 28th at 2 Clinton Place we will be gearing up for the final idea Likes push before the June 5 deadline. RSVP here!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, email [email protected], like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!